Items Purchased Data

Each RIS request must be submitted with a minimum of one purchased item. While other RIS data is entered in as key value pairs, purchased items must be submitted as an array. Each item is an index in the array, and each index must contain the following five attributes.

´╗┐Attribute Type Size Description Example
   PROD_TYPE[ ] String 1-255 High level description of the item. TV
   PROD_ITEM[ ] String 1-255 Typically, the SKU number for the item. SKU-2385-42P    
   PROD_DESC[ ] String 0-255 Specific description of the item. 42 Inch Plasma    
   PROD_QUANT[ ] Integer Long The quantity of the item being purchased. 1
   PROD_PRICE[ ] Integer Long Price per unit item, displayed in lowest currency factor. 75890

RIS Modes
User Defined Fields

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