Invoking the Risk Inquiry Service


Query Kount before attempting an authorization from the payment gateway, below are the considerations regarding pre-authorization

  • Allows the merchant to avoid processing fees on orders set to “decline” by the merchant.
    • All credit card information can be sent to Kount
  • An update RIS call (MODE=U) must be made to update order number and status of payment authorization including AUTH, AVST, AVSZ, and CVVR data provided by payment gateway
    • For pre-authorization queries set the following required fields as:
      • MACK=Y
      • AUTH=A
    • Once the transaction has been processed, update required and additional fields with MODE=U post (see RIS Service Modes section)

Pre-Authorization Workflow

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Query Kount after the payment gateway has been contacted, below are the considerations regarding post-authorization

  • All payment gateway information can be passed to Kount (Authorization, AVS, CVV) allowing rules to be created regarding AVS and CVV data.
  • Some payment gateways do not pass credit card data once they have received it
  • Single RIS query, no update is necessary

Post Authorization Workflow

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Risk Inquiry Service (RIS)
RIS Data Submission

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