RIS Authentication

To preserve the security of RIS data, merchants must authenticate to Kount using an API Key when submitting RIS requests. API Keys are created within the Agent Web Console. Additional coding examples can be found in the SDK Guide.

API Keys are used to track and control permissions to Kount APIs and RIS. Rather than creating separate certificates for APIs and RIS, a single API Key can be used to manage both.

NOTE: For Kount Central customers, an API Key can manage APIs, RIS, and Kount Central permissions.

To open the API Key’s page, click Admin tab, choose API Keys. By default, no API Keys exist when the API Keys page is opened for the first time. To create a key, click the Create API Key button at the lower right of the table.

The Create API Key dialog box appears.
  • 1. Key Name: Give the new key a name.
  • 2. Key Permissions: Select RIS, API, or both.
  • 3. Create API Key: Click this button to create the key.

NOTE: For Kount Central customers, a third check box for Kount Central will be present under Key Permissions and available to be selected.

Field Description
     Name The name of the newly created key appears here.
     Permissions The permissions given to the key during creation appear here.
     Key The key value appears here.
     Created The date and time the key was created appears here.
    Revoke (Gear) Click the ”gears” and then click Revoke to revoke the key.
    Create API Key (button) Click this button to create a new key. You can create as many keys as you want.     
    Success Message "Like any other success message click on this green box to close it."

Once you have created the API Key in the Agent Web Console, send the custom header request to Kount. The value of the header is the API Key generated in the Agent Web Console. Below are examples:

Setting Example
     PHP settings.initial       $ch = curl_init(); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER, array("X-Kount-Api-Key: {$this->apiKey}"));
.NET App.config HttpWebRequest webReq = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(this.url); webReq.Headers["X-Kount-Api-Key"] = this.apiKey;
Java URL url = new URL(this.risServerUrl); HttpsURLConnection urlConn = (HttpsURLConnection) url.openConnection(); urlConn.setRequestProperty("X-Kount-Api-Key", getApiKeyData());     

RIS Response

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