Customer Service Phone Orders

This page provides an overview of how to submit orders originating from a call center environment.

When a merchant submits phone orders via the same web page interface as a customer, the data regarding the merchant’s device is being sent to Kount, not the customer’s device data. This will cause order linking to occur and in time will elevate the score of all orders associated with the persona subsequently impact OmniScore.

IMPORTANT: Linking will also occur if the browser session ID is used as the transaction session ID and multiple orders are submitted from within the same browser session without closing the browser. This type of linking can be avoided in three ways:

  • Increment the browser session ID, appending the UNIX timestamp.
  • Choose a different methodology for creating the session ID.
  • Ensure agents close the browser between orders.

Methods for receiving phone orders.

Method 1

  1. If the customer service agents navigate to a separate order entry page that does not implement the Device Data Collector: Call Center/Phone Orders will be posted as a Mode=P; hard code the IP address specifically to and provide the phone number within the ANID field (if no phone number is available, pass 0123456789 hard coded).

Method 2

  1. If the customer service agents navigate to the same page as the customer (executes the Device Data Collector): Phone-to-Web Order Submission script example is in Appendix A (to exclude merchant owned IP addresses that should not be forwarded to Kount), post Customer Service Orders as a Mode=Q; hard code the IP address specifically to

NOTE: In any of the above circumstances, if the email address is not provided to the agents, the agents will need to input as the email address to prevent linking.

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