Implementation Overview

This page provides high level details around each step of the integration process.

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1. Kick Off

Planning and Design

  • Kick off Meeting
  • Evaluate Workflows
  • Data Mapping
  • Solutions Design

2. Real Time API

Device Data Collector

  • Install Device Data collector on the Customer website.
  • Install in Device Data Collector in Mobile Apps. Mobile SDKs

Risk Inquiry Service

3. RESTful API

Endpoint API and Event Notification Service

4. Technical Test

Product Training and Integration Test

Technical Team

  • Develop and execute test plans.

Business Team

  • Initiate customer success plan.
  • Customer Training
  • Application Configuration

Test Environment

Training Videos

5. Certification

  • Request Certification for Production Environment.

6. Move to Production Environment

7. Submit iOS and/or Android App Store

Platform Integration